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Hailing from the small seaside village of Darling Lake, Nova Scotia, brimming with a few hundred residents, Gary’s passion for music was first sparked when the smooth sounds of Charlie Pride poured from his parents’ record player. His father playing hymns on a harmonica on the family’s sunporch through a dime store amplifier forever sing in his head. Gary credits two monumental milestones for forging his future path. The first: his aunt introducing him to the Rolling Stones and the splendour of Keith Richards. The second: his older brother, Greg, snagging an electric guitar through their local radio station’s buy and sell show “Swap Shop”. Greg taught Gary his first three chords, but he has since learned a few more.

While in high school, Gary had a singular ambition: to buy his first guitar. He worked tirelessly to bring a blonde Fender Telecaster copy, a nod to Keith Richards, home. He lent his vocals and rhythm guitar skills to a pop/rock cover band and began experimenting with writing his own songs. That is, up until the birth of his first child, when he devoted all of his energy into raising his family. Twenty-two years later, after a reconnection with an old friend, Terrell Edwards, Gary was inspired to once again pursue his passion.

The pieces seemed to synergistically fall into place. With a song writing partner, producer and amazing musicians, Gary has crafted songs that embrace and reflect decades of wisdom, passion, experience and heart.

The single Fear was brought to life by many talented artists, including:

Guitar, bass and keys: William Lucey
Drums: Nate Barnes
Produced and engineered: William Lucey
Mastering: Andres Mayo
Co-writer: Trey Bruce
Cover art: Terry Elkins

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